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Organ Donation

21 Sep 2023

UK v Spanish Healthcare

This is the personal perspective of one of our members*.
7 Jul 2023

Things to be aware of when undergoing Chemo

Helpful comments from one of our patients
8 Jun 2023

My Last Wishes

Helping you get your affairs in order.
17 Apr 2023

Clinical Trials

8 Sep 2022

BRCA Genetic Testing

25 Aug 2022

Benefits you may be entitled to

Even if you are living in Spain, if you were a resident there before before 31/12/2020 you may be entitled to benefits. Kim Clark can help.
19 May 2022


Good news for those living in the Andratx and Calvia areas.
28 Sep 2021

Living Will

What is a living will, why do you need one and how do you register it? Find out more here.
24 Aug 2021

Stress - How to deal with it

Life can be stressful at the rest of the time but a cancer diagnosis can increase our stress levels dramatically.
8 Jul 2021

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Metastatic (or secondary) breast cancer is one of the least understood cancers, find out here how some of our members are dealing with this.
6 Jul 2021


This week is loneliness awareness week
15 Jun 2021

Family Caregivers' Month

Where can caregivers get help?
13 Nov 2019

You are not alone

Counseling; what suits you best?
3 Jun 2019

Son Llatzer

23 Apr 2018
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