Category: Helpful Websites

Books for Children

This website has lists of many different books aimed at helping children deal with grief.
24 Sep 2021

Grief Haven

A very helpful website with many resources to help you through the grieving process.
24 Sep 2021

Before I Go

Getting Your Own End-of-Life Plan Finally Done!
29 Dec 2020


When a parent has cancer
28 Oct 2020

Winston's Wish

Giving Hope for Grieving Children
28 Oct 2020

Childline UK

A site full of information to help children and teenagers
26 Oct 2020

Help for abused women

Local agencies that help women in need
19 Oct 2020

Brits In Spain

Got questions? Find the answers here
16 Oct 2020

Age In Spain

Providing information and support to English-speakers and their families in Spain since 1992.
14 Jul 2020

Support In Spain

A guide for British Nationals in Spain
14 Jul 2020

Organ Donation

1 Jun 2020

Colon Town

Help for colon cancer patients
8 May 2020


29 Jul 2019

Mabs Cancer Foundation

Charity helping cancer patients all over Spain.
18 Jun 2018

Coaching Emily

19 Feb 2018

Live Better With Cancer

A great website with articles discussing the side effects of cancer treatment and selling products that can help you.
19 Feb 2018

Vital Nutrition

12 Feb 2018

Nourish The Guide

7 Feb 2018
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