This cancer support group was a game changer for our family. Genuine selfless people that really do help! The volunteers are amazing people & we are so lucky to have them by our side throughout the cancer journey. Everyone I've met has been so supportive and kind as well as helping with appointments, hospital visits, lending an ear, moral support, I could go on. Salt of the earth probably sums it up better! I just want to give a special thanks to Sally who has been my rock, Gaëtane who has been my roll. Rebecca for being my first point of contact and always being there in the background, Bronwen you're a star! Colin, we haven't met but I am so grateful for your help with my dad. We appreciate each and every one of you, you do an amazing job & don't expect anything in return, totally selfless people that have humbled me immensely. I know there's so many more people I haven't mentioned, if I can take one positive thing out of cancer its that it brings people together.

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