At the beginning of any service (home visits, phone calls, etc.) it will be determined how long that service will continue. At the end of the service your case will be reevaluated and the existing services will be renewed or replaced with others more appropriate to your progression.

We will do our best to help you whatever situation you are in. To be able to obtain help from the social security, social services or other entities, it is important that your paperwork is valid and up to date and that you are registered with your local authority. If this is not the case it can make it very difficult to obtain financial support from these entities, we will do whatever is possible to help you in this case, but if your situation is irregular our hands may be tied.

We respect that you have the right to choose what treatment and tests you are willing to accept, and we will support you whatever choice you make. However, if a choice is made to reject a test or treatment, we cannot be held responsible for any consequences due to this decision. For example if a patient refuses or misses a test/appointment this can cause a delay in or even stop further appointments and it can be hard to get back on the waiting list.

CSG will respect your privacy and confidentiality. We would ask that you also respect us. If you are not happy with the services we provide please contact us and tell us directly, we will do whatever is in our power to solve the situation, we would ask you to please refrain from publishing negative comments on social media. We take our reputation and responsibility seriously and will report any slander or libel.

As a cancer support group we will continue to offer emotional support to cancer patients and their family members and carers as long as they may need, even after they have been given the all clear. We realise that just because physically someone is healed the emotional trauma can continue for some time. This emotional support would include counseling, mindfulness sessions, meditation, a buddy where possible and involvement in any workshops or relaxation days we offer.

We will also continue to offer help at cancer related medical appointments, this would include translators for cancer related checkups, etc.

When it comes to other assistance: phone calls, practical assistance, help with social services, etc. Once a patient no longer has cancer CSG can not guarantee that we will be able to offer these services. CSG is a support group for cancer patients, so for issues that are not cancer related, members who no longer have cancer may be better helped by other charities such as Age Concern, Age in Spain, Yachting Gives Back, Salvation Army, etc.


Your representative will tell you how and when to contact them. Remember most of our volunteers have to work and care for their own families, so unless it is an emergency, please only contact your representative at the times they have agreed with you. In case of an emergency, if you are unable to contact your representative you can call +34 659 887 455. However, in most cases it’s best first to call 112 and alert them to the emergency first. 

Over time you will probably meet different volunteers, at times you may even be given their phone numbers. We would ask that you refrain from contacting the volunteers directly, unless it is for a specific task they have been asked to perform for you. If new needs arise please contact either your representative or email us on [email protected] This is to ensure that the work is spread out among the available volunteers and also means tasks don’t get forgotten or done twice.

If you have any issues with your representative or a volunteer helping you, please contact us by email [email protected]

When you are with a volunteer, either in person or over the phone, please refrain from using abusive, racist, sexist or any other kind of derogatory language. All volunteers are trained to cut short any conversations where they feel uncomfortable.

While we do have counsellors available, our volunteers are not counsellors, therefore they are not trained to help patients with severe depression or suicidal thoughts. If they are in touch with a patient showing these tendencies, they will alert the admin team who will then alert the authorities if they feel that the patient is at risk.

Please do not give the volunteers helping you any kind of money or donation. If you would like to donate to the charity you can do so online or arrange for a collection.


CSG reserves the right to rescind services from members who behave inappropriately. Such members will be given an official warning in writing, but if the behavior is repeated or continued, services will be rescinded temporarily. The patient will be informed in writing of this decision along with instructions of what to do to have the services reinstated.


CSG is run by volunteers, we are a support group not a financial institution. While we will do all that we can to help you obtain any financial assistance you are entitled to from the government and local authorities and other charities we cannot give you financial assistance ourselves, please do not ask volunteers for money or financial assistance. If you do need financial help, please let your representative know and someone will be assigned to help you access the help you are entitled to.

Social services, the AECC and other charities provide help after means testing, if you have income or savings you may not qualify, financial benefit is restricted to those who need it the most, you will be asked for bank statements and other proof of income (or lack of it) to be able to request this.


Written translations provided by Cancer Support Group Mallorca (CSG) are intended to result in the end translated document being understandable in the end language. Although every effort is made to ensure our translations are accurate we cannot guarantee the translation will be without errors.  Words that are not commonly used such as the names of pharmaceutical products or medical conditions may be difficult to translate.

The translation is supplied to you on the understanding you have accepted this disclaimer and no liability is accepted by us for the use of the translation by you or any other party if the translation is found to contain inaccuracies.

If you need an official translation we can put you in touch with medical translators, but you will need to pay for their services.


Our wellness services are provided by fully trained, qualified and insured professionals who offer these services free, or at a discounted rate, to CSG members. In some cases CSG pays for these treatments, in part or in full. However, CSG cannot be held responsible in case of injury or damage to the CSG member or their property.

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