How yoga can help in coping with cancer.

Research into the therapeutic benefits of yoga suggests that yogic breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques may help people diagnosed with cancer cope with surgery and chemotherapy and reduce the physical and emotional side effects that may accompany the diagnosis and healing process.

Today, more than 93% of 755 medical centers in the United States combine yoga therapy with modern medicine.

Although investigation is in its early stages, many women report that regular yoga practice has improved
their emotional well‐being and quality of life and simply made them feel better.

  • Some Potential Benefits of Yoga therapy for cancer patients I
  • Improves breath capacity and stimulates vital energy
  • Encourages a sense of actively participating in the healing process
  •  Relieves stress and reduces anxiety
  • Enhances mood control and emotional well‐being
  •  Decreases muscle tension and aches and pains, improves joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Increases muscular strength and resistance and rejuvenates organs
  • Improves lymphatic circulation through gentle stretching and breathing
  • Improvement in quality and quantity of sleep, less fatigue 
  • Improved appetite
  • Helps create a deep sense of inner peace, calm and harmony.

What is yoga?

Yoga originated over 5.000 years ago in India, is based on Ayurvedic medicine and is the oldest healthcare system in the world. The significance of the word yoga is union and it works to bring about the unification of body and mind and the integration of the physical, mental and spiritual energies, as well as union of the individual self with the universal self.

How yoga helps

Practicing the physical postures or asanas systematically applies pressure on different organs and muscles, toning both
the interior and exterior of your body. The asanas invigorate, balance, enhance and align the systems within the body; circulatory, respiratory, digestive, eliminatory, nervous, lymphatic, immune and endocrine, particularly stimulating the pituitary gland. which plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining optimum health.

“Yoga is the highest supreme discipline, a powerful system of transformation”

“When we are able to silence and control our thoughts we find the place of unconditional love in our hearts”

Do not undertake this or any other physical training without first consulting your physician.

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