With the aim of helping cancer patients, their carers, families, friends and anyone who may want to know more on the subject we have put together this directory.

You will be able to find local and international charities, informative websites, clinics for both conventional and alternative treatments, local and online shops where you can find anything you may need to help you or your loved one while they undergo treatment for cancer.

If you are looking for something and cannot find it, please let us know, and if you have anything or anyone you would like us to include in the directory please send us an email.

Before I Go

29 December 2020
Getting Your Own End-of-Life Plan Finally Done!


21 December 2020

Fight mesothelioma NOW by educating yourself on the latest treatments, how to survive mesothelioma, and the best ways to obtain financial assistance.

Helpful books for Children and Teenagers

28 October 2020
A list of books that can help children and teenagers


28 October 2020
When a parent has cancer

Winston's Wish

28 October 2020
Giving Hope for Grieving Children


27 October 2020
Ayuda a niños y adolescentes en riesgo

Childline UK

26 October 2020
A site full of information to help children and teenagers

Help for abused women

19 October 2020
Local agencies that help women in need

Brits In Spain

16 October 2020
Got questions? Find the answers here

Corseteria de Tot

11 September 2020
Prosthesis and post op bras

Much Loved

7 September 2020
Set up a memorial for your loved one

Age In Spain

14 July 2020
Providing information and support to English-speakers and their families in Spain since 1992.

Support In Spain

14 July 2020
A guide for British Nationals in Spain


3 June 2020

Order health products online

Colon Town

8 May 2020
Help for colon cancer patients

The Mesothelioma Center

29 July 2019

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer caused from exposure to asbestos. The cancer's long latency period (20-50 years) makes it very difficult to detect before it is highly developed, The Mesothelioma Center is a 100% free resource and service center for sufferers of this terrible disease. You can reach their Patient Advocates who are equipped to answer any and all questions and help you find the local treatment centers and doctors best for you.

Centro Medico Dr. Stoma

27 February 2019

c/Tudo 11, Son Ferrer

Kids’ guide to cancer

16 August 2018
An app for children to help them better understand what cancer is.


13 August 2018
Holiday camps and programs in Ireland for children and their families affected by serious illnesses.
Cancer Support Mallorca is a charity registered in Spain under number G57773749.
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