Thanks for the knitted knockers

I can not thank the Mallorca Cancer Support Group enough for offering me their unique knitted knockers.

After going through a rather shocking period in my life having a sudden mastectomy, after a diagnosis of DCIS non-invasive breast cancer, I had to get used to big changes in my underwear and overall appearance.

The NHS gave me a prosthesis to start with, it was heavy, sticky and sweaty, rubbed my newly operated-on skin and felt like a foreign body.  I kept fidgeting with it and felt very conscious it was there.

Then my daughter arrived home with a pair of knitted knockers that felt like a life-saver.  The soft comfy knocker blends to my body was gentle on my skin and I forget I am wearing it, easy to wash, colours to co-ordinate with my bra and clothing and feels like it belongs.

I can’t thank you enough Krista and the team.

Margaret Money

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